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Theatre that makes you think…

Six Foot Something Productions presents theatre that invites audience members to experience and share dramatic and emotional human stories. The company explores works where music and story telling unite to create exciting, passionate and intelligent theatre – theatre that ignites the imagination and inspires conversation.

Working in a variety of forms, including musical theatre, opera, song cycles and cabaret, bold direction, rich imagery and carefully crafted musical performances are the hallmarks of this award-winning company.

Six Foot Something also forms collaborations with other South Australian arts organisations and businesses to provide opportunities for local artists (including designers and performers) to experiment with and evolve their skills.

History and Future

Six Foot Something Productions was formed in 2007 by Paul Talbot and David Lampard, with the intent to produce important contemporary musicals that would otherwise be unseen by South Australian audiences. To date, Six Foot Something has produced widely praised South Australian premieres, each dealing with significant and complex human experiences.

Looking to the future, Six Foot Something are seeking to create an annual program of musical theatre works, crafting exciting, vibrant, visual, emotional and musical performances designed to make audiences think about their own lives as well as the lives of those around them.

Creating musical theatre experiences that ignite the imagination and inspire conversation.

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